Splash some red on the sky

Sunset at Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Sunsets are when the sun goes below the horizon (to the west), in tropical areas sunsets take on majestic colors. This is because there are more particles in the atmosphere that defragment the light, like the classic science experiment using a prism to see the rainbow spectrum.

Normally when the sun is up high it only reflects purples, which we see as blues. At sunset and sunrise, the light must travel through a lot more atmosphere to get to us, and these scatter.

Everybody gets a hint of red once the sun is close to the horizon. We don’t get green nor blue because these scatter faster than the other colors.

Other facts:

– A “green flash”  can be spotted at the top of a setting sun, too fast for most of us to notice.

– The north and south pole experience no sunrise or sunset at least one day a year.

Check out these pics.


One thought on “Splash some red on the sky

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