Antartica belongs to someone

Antartic Tready signed 53 years ago! No #military nor weapon experiments in Antartica, ONLY scientific study. We can do stuff right!

The Antarctic Treaty has been signed by 46 countries, yet only 7 have rights on the land (or ice, 98% of Antartica is covered by it). This treaty declares Antartica as a scientific preserve and banns military activity, including nuclear bomb testing.

Antartic Treaty Distribution. Courtesy of Wikipedia

Antartica is the Earths only continent without native human population, being the land animals mostly penguins.

Is there oil in Antartica?

Professor David Macdonald from the University of Aberdeen’s School of Geosciences“At the moment there is a ban on searching beneath the Antarctic for oil and gas under the international Antarctic Treaty. I suggest this political protection is all very well, but a hard, sober and rational economic view should also dictate that oil exploration in this area is not a wise option.” more

We might just keep one place on earth safe!


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