Nomophobia (“No-mobile-Phobia”).

60% of users in UK suffer from nomophobia!

Everyday there are new uses for out mobile phones, no wonder we freak out when we loose them.

New health aid apps on smartphones:

ID skin cancer with your iphone. University of Michigan helped develop a UMSkinCheck app self-exam. This app lets you take pictures of your spots and track them to later show your doctor. You get reminders of your next check and itcalculates your risk of skin cancer. its Free!

Calculate you heart rate with your face. Harvard and MIT researchers developed and app that uses your devices camera to measure tiny changes in your face that occure when your heart beats. You can track heart rate and get info about you fitness level and estimated life expectancy.

Improve your eyesight with an app. New app called GlassesOff! These quick games use fuzzy images to stimulate connections in the visual part of your brain. In a recent small study people could read the newspaper without reading glasses after 3months. Will be launched in 2013. 

But … we are getting to cozy with our smartphones, and as Mitch Albom from Detroit Free press.. we’re forgetting to connect with each other, even eye contact is becoming a lost art. More on the Siri-ous Disconnect


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