Australia exports camels to Saudi Arabia!

Central Australia road signs

1840. Camels were brought to Australia in order to carry heavy cargo through Australia’s vast deserts, Really arid and virtually no water – sounds like a match?

For Australia, Camels were better than any horse; the first piano in Australia rode a Camels back!

When cars come in camels get to venture out into the wild, and now are probably the largest wild camel population in the world. Unfortunately, like most introduced animals, they became feral (domesticated animals that escaped into the wild and now live there) , and nowadays, people are encouraged to hunt camels. This is quite the controversy, but hunting feral animals is a reality for both Australia and NZ.

Also, hundreds of camels are being exported to Saudi Arabia! According to Peter Seidel, who heads the Central Australian Camel Industry Association,  the Saudis need to import Australian camels for meat production, because they focus on breeding animals for domestic and racing purposes. (People eat camels, yes!)

Other feral animals in Australia, all brought into the country from somewhere else are: Cane toads, European red fox, cat, dear, horse, goat, pigs.

Some Australian feral animals: Cane toads, European red fox, Wild pigs and Rabbits.

All of them where introduced with good intentions, like for food, or to eliminate pests, yet became a pest themselves. [none of these existed in australia before colonization]



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