Three cool animals that start with ‘T’

Tigers, Turtles, and Talking parrots.

Talking Parrots

Alex, a Grey African talking parrot, was a 30 years old experiment that has reveiled important findings in animal cognition.

Grey af African parrots are recorded as the most talk-active and intelligent bird species.

Alex the parrot, a grey African  parrot, was able to select objects on the base of their color, and use extensive vocabulary ranging from colors, to actions, to “i love you’s” and different materials like “rock, wool and wood”. Alex was a thirty-year experiment by animal psychologist Irene Pepperberg and his reasearch and findings created the Alex Foundation.

He would be shown 2 keys and would say the color of the bigger one, and could also count!
He really understood what the questions meant (whats the same/different?) and had the understanding of a toddler.. watch it!!!!




Tigers are known for getting wet from the neck down in order to freshen up.

Tigers are the largest cat species and the only cats who enjoy spending time in water. No two tigers have the same stripe pattern- there are about 100 stripers per Tiger. Even though they are known for being solitary animals,  and a group of tigers is called a “streak”. 



Harriet in Australia with fellow departed Steve Irwin.

Tortoises are land animals, different from a turtle, and are considered the longest living vertebrates on Earth. One of their oldest known representatives was Harriet, a Galapagos tortoise that died of heart failure at the age of 175 years in June 2006 at a zoo owned by the late Steve Irwin. Harriet was considered the last living representative of Darwin’s epic voyage on the HMS Beagle.


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