This weeks shorter had no clue’s

Today we reached 500 views on our blog!

Had No clue is also on facebook and we post facts there too.

Here are 10 short facts we posted over the last week that are worth sharing with our blog followers:

  1. Two most common fears: clowns and heights
  2. Europeans drink an average of about 21.5 units of alcohol beverages a week, almost double the worldwide average of 12 units- prost, salud, salute, sante, saude, skal, cheers!
  3. Crackers have holes in them so they stay flat! They would just blow up like any other pastry when baked.
  4. A red blood cell having no hemoglobin is also called a ghost
  5. Wine gets its name from the grape used: cabernet, merlot, smillon, zinfandel.. are all names of grapes, and there are over 5,— varieties of wine grapes!
  6. You can make jeans out of plastic bottles. Levis has started a go green “wasteless jeans”.
  7. The tiniest owl is the elf owl, fits in the palm of your hand.
  8. Scaptia beyoncae– Bug names after artist Beyonce Knowles, no joke!
  9. Nose and Ears don’t ever stop growing! Because they are made out or cartilage, not bone.
  10. Mathematics overview

Arithmetic.. normal math: number and +,-,=,/,*
Algebra. Fancy math, add letters
Calculus. What did you say? ( ∫, e , x→∞, ε)
Mathematics: all of the above


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