Origin of the word soccer

We start this weeks Had no clues with the world favorite sport- football or is it soccer?

Copy of the Rulebook of the Association Football in 1863

Legend has it, in the 1800’s, schools in England set up the modern rules for football that version was called Association Football. Somehow, thessocia part of the word turned into socca, which turned into soccer.

The first documented case of the sport being called by the singular term “Football” coming in 1881, 18 years after it was first called simply “Soccer” or officially “Association Football”.

Random facts about soccer or football:

Soccer balls were originally painted with the now classic black and white checkered look in order to make them more visible on black and white TV during the 1970 FIFA World Cup

  • FIFA was founded in 1904, by France, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlanks, Spain, Sweden and Swtizerland
  • The first FIFA World Cup opened at the brand-new Estadio Centenario in Montevideo, Uruguay on 18 July 1930
  • Vairous sports on foot were called foot ball beacus ethe rich rode horse.s
  • single soccer player runs about 7 miles during an entire game.
  • Soccer became an Olympic sport in the year 1908.
  • The second most popular sport in the world is cricket, played in mainly in Australia, England, India, Pakistan and West Indies.
  • Basketball is 5th (Had no clue on Basketball).

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