Mice don’t like cheese! .. but we do!

Cheese facts.

  • Made of curd, milk that turns sour or coagulates
  • Cheese can be made from the milk of cows, goats, sheepwater buffalo, horses, llamas, and yaks.
  • The ancient Greeks and Romans knew and valued cheese,
  • There are hundreds of types of cheese, the most effective way for classifying them is probably according to hardness or ripening method (Here 13 cheese types you HAVE to know)

Classification of cheese by hardness and ripening method, Encyclopedia Britannica

  • Certain cheeses are historically associated with particular areas:
    • Italian provolones heating and kneading.
    • Egyptina Domiati soaking in brine
    • Roquefort mold from the caves of Roquefort.
    • Emmental gets its name from Emme valley in the canton of Bern ( Today it is popularly produced in France, Bavaria, Finland, and Switzerland).

The cheese-making process.
Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.

Other stuff on cheese

  • Mice dont like cheese
  • True Swiss cheese is called Emmental. The holes are made by bacteria.
  • The world’s ‘oldest’ cheese is a 15 year old parmesan, made of goat milk  (more)
  • Original Mexican food does NOT have cheddar cheese
  • “Say cheese” is an instruction used by photographers who want their subject to smile
  • The word ‘cheesy’, meaning ‘vulgar’/’tasteless’, derives from the perceived insincerity of cheesy grins.
  • In most Latin American countries, the phrase used is “Diga ‘whiskey’” (“Say ‘whiskey‘”).

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