The man in the iron mask.. existed!

Leonardo Dicaprio stars as Louis XIV and his twin

On this day, November 19th, 1703 he died at Bastille prison (France).

All we know is that he was a distinguished prisoner, and from the moment he was imprisoned, he had to hide his identity behind a strange mask.  Officially registered in the Saint-Paul cemetery as “Marchioly,” and his age was given as “about 45.”

The theories are:

There was no evidence that the mask was an  “iron mask”, it was really a black velvet mask.

1. in 1711, an English nobleman;

2. in 1745, Louis de Bourbon, an illegitimate son of Louis XIV and Louise de La Vallière.

3. between 1738 and 1771, an twin brother of Louis XIV (Voltaire popularized this unlikely solution) , which was later taken up by Alexandre Dumas in English as The Man in the Iron Mask);

4. in 1883 Molière, imprisoned  in revenge for Tartuffe (a play that features a hypocrite who ostensibly and exaggeratedly feigns virtue, especially religious virtue)

5. Ercole Matthioli, an italian minister of Ferdinand Charles, duke of Mantua, who reveiled a secret negotiation. (most accepted)

All hands down, He must have been someone important because his identity needed to be kept secret, he was always escorted and wore nicer clothing than the rest of the prisoners.


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